Lichfield Lighting 1 Gang Kinetic Switch

Lichfield Lighting 1 Gang Kinetic Switch.

The new wireless Kinetic Switching system allows users to turn on their kitchen, bedroom or bathroom lighting in three different ways. Lighting can be controlled manually by using the switch, through a smart phone or tablet using the Smart Life App (downloadable via the QR code on the instruction leaflet), or by connecting it to a voice controlled intelligent personal assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Once connected, lighting can be operated with simple commands, such as “Alexa turn on kitchen lights” or “Google dim plinth lights”.

The kinetic switches require no wiring or batteries which eliminates the need for installing back boxes, creating channels in walls and adjusting decor, thus speeding up the installation process and reducing labour time & costs. The switch can be installed anywhere in the home, including the bathroom due to its IP67 rating. It can also be installed on a variety of surfaces, including glass, marble, ceramic tiles, and other smooth surfaces. The switches can be screwed to the surface, or stuck on with the adhesive pads supplied. They can also be retro-fit onto existing back boxes as they are the same size as standard switches. Dimming is also possible, by using a dimmable driver with the receiver, or by using the smart driver with built in kinetic capabilities (both listed over page). Simply holding down the switch activates the dimming process. Pendant Lighting can also be controlled using the receiver and relevant dimmable or non-dimmable lamp.

A small amount of kinetic energy is generated by the action of the clicking the switch, which is converted to an electrical signal and sent to the receiver. The amount of energy used is very low, so the switch adheres to strict requirements on low power consumption & helps the environment. Receiver (SY8989) or smart driver (SY8996/SY8999) required.


Lichfield Lighting 1 Gang Kinetic Switch. See Additional information Tab above for Technical Information.

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