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Hinkley Lighting for sale in Lichfield, Staffordshire and online.

Hinkley Lighting are a USA based lighting manufacture and have undergone a change in form from a small company specializing in outdoor lanterns to what today is a recognizable brand globally.

A family orientated business, trading for nearly one hundred years, Hinkley pride themselves on creating lighting which offer the best of style and quality whilst keeping a focus on value. Their tradition merges with a tireless pursuit of advanced and original designs and technology to create lighting that is recognizable in a crowded market place.

All of which to say that we are sure you will find Hinkley Lighting that suits your style, taste and budget knowing that you will not compromise on quality and build.

At Lichfield Lighting we are proud to sell Hinkley Lighting as one of the high-end lighting brands. We sell Hinkley wall lights, Hinkley bathroom lights, Hinkley Pendant Lights, Hinkley Chandeliers and Hinkley Outdoor lighting. Call us on 01543 897 195 for free advice or email us out of office hours.

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