Our selection of Floor Lamps for sale in Lichfield, Staffordshire and online.
Our range of Floor lamps are the best available in terms of brands and prices. Whether you are looking to add elegance to your traditional home or make a bold, modern statement we can offer you an outstanding choice. Floor lamps come in all sizes and styles –  from extra large to large floor lamps, modern designer to the traditional elegance of Tiffany.

Ask yourself are you buying for mood lighting or for reading? If mood lighting then you can go more for lighting that makes a statement. Is the light going to sit near a table for reading? If yes, then you do not want a fussy base or large shade. We stock brands such as Elstead, Tiffany and Flambeau – and are 100% confident our prices cannot be beaten online. Whether you are looking for reading lights or elegant, timeless Tiffany glass lamps, bold statement, modern lamps – you will find one to suit your individual style. Call us on 01543 897 195 for free advice or email us out of office hours.

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