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Ceiling lighting comes in many forms, from traditional to ultra-modern, from flush fitting, chandeliers to Pendant Lights.  You can choose to make a bold statement with a chandelier, hang a metal pendant light or create a focus with ceiling spotlights. Pendant lights are a singular light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. Bathrooms and other rooms with low ceilings can be accommodated with flush ceiling lighting. (Flush ceiling lights don’t hang down, but light from ceiling level.) Consider design, as well as function, when choosing the right light fixtures. When looking for lighting for ceilings ask whether you are looking to create dimmable mood lighting or need focus lighting or a statement piece.

Whether you need help or advice with Energy saving LED ceiling lights, or traditional lighting we can help. Browse our growing selection of Ceiling lighting. Call us on 01543 897 195 for free advice or email us out of office hours.

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