Outside lighting and outdoor lighting Lichfield

Outside lighting and outdoor lighting

Outside lighting and outdoor lighting

Outside lighting and outdoor lighting – let us take walk through the types available and what you should look for what to look for when choosing outside lighting.

There are two types of outdoor lighting: functional and atmospheric.

Outside lighting can be broken down into two categories: functional and atmospheric. You need to decide which type of lighting you require. Functional lighting covers lighting such as floodlighting or security lighting – ie lighting that helps you navigate around your outdoor space in safety – or atmospheric lighting, such as table lights, party lights, lanterns or candle lights.

Before you buy

With so many uses for outdoor lighting, there are a few things to consider before buying.

Ask yourself what area do you want to light?

The area you wish to light determines what lighting type works best in any given space. If you’re looking to light up a pathway for example, then you would be looking for navigational lighting for you and your guests to stay safe and follow the route (rather than simply decorative lighting which will only illuminate a portion of the path.) Think about your space and how you want to use it and this will inform your lighting design choices.

Do you want your lights to be portable?

This may seem like an obvious question, but power source is a vital consideration when choosing outside. Fixed electrical lights need to be connected to the mains making them the ideal choice if you want lighting close to the house. Candles, battery or solar-powered lighting do not have any such restrictions and therefore can be moved around as is your need or whim (or where the party flows!)

Electrical lighting

Mains power provides consistent and uninterrupted lighting which will burn brightly and for us long as you want. Electrical lighting has to be fixed into place and be properly fitted.

We recommend that your use the services of a professional lighting consultant/electician.

Solar-powered lighting

Solar-powered lights don’t need any wiring and are ideal for gardens and pathways. Due to improvements in technology, solar lights are now far more powerful and last a lot longer than they once did. They have the added benefit of being extremely portable and can be placed wherever suits.

Battery-powered lighting

Like solar-powered lighting, battery-powered lighting does not need wiring and is also portable. battery-powered lighting emits a consistent amount of light until the battery runs out. Therefore, the batteries need replacing every so often. This replacement of batteries can become costly over time, so if you’re looking for lighting that will be used all the time, consider solar-powered or electric versions as a viable alernative and a long-term cost saving choice of lighting.


For atmospheric and decorative lighting for your outdoor space lanterns can be considered. Lanterns come in a huge range of colours, styles and materials, and can be stood or hung at varied heights for visual impact. When considering lanterns, you have the choice between solar-powered, battery-powered or candles.

String lighting Party and string lighting

String lighting is ideal for spreading that party spirit or ambience. String lighting is available as solar or battery powered. String lighting can be wrapped around fences, parasols, trellis or handrails to add an element of decorative fun.

Functional lighting

There are a number of options available when looking for functional lighting in your garden.

Outdoor Wall lights

At Lichfield Lighting we offer a wide range of outside wall light designs, traditional and modern. Some of the lights are fitted with PIR – a passive infrared sensor which is activated when motion is detected within a certain range. Outdoor wall lights with PIR offers security, but also efficiency and also ensures that neighbours aren’t disturbed by a constant beam of light!

Endon Canon 1lt wall outside light for sale at Lichfield Lighting

Wall lights Security lights

When choosing your PIR outdoor security light, consider the detection angle, as this tells you the area the sensor covers. Many sensor lights also offer you the setting for how long the light stays on once activated.

Endon Canillo PIR 1lt wall outside light for sale at Lichfield Lighting

Post lights

Post lights, also known as bollards, are a very good choice for navigating. Frequently used to light paths and driveways and house entrances, they commonly require mains power and to be fitted into place. Solar-powered options are also available. Post lights can be bought with matching wall lights to coordinate  throughout your garden.

Endon Canillo bollard outside light for sale at Lichfield Lighting

Stake lights

Stake lights are commonly solar-powered, and are easily fitted by pushing them into the ground and as such require no wiring. Mains-powered spotlight stake lights are also available.

Decking lights

Decking lights work with both ground-level and raised decks and offer frequently much-needed guidance when moving up and down steps or in darker areas. It may sound obvious but decking lights should be bought before you begin the construction of your decking as they need to be fitted into the boards before completion.

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