Ceiling lighting for sale

Ceiling lighting for sale

Ceiling lighting for sale

Ceiling lighting for sale both online and in-store at Lichfield Lighting.

Brighten up any room with one or more of our stylish and practical ceiling lights. Lichfield Lighting’s range includes beautiful chandeliers in many styles and finishes – both traditional and modern – bathroom Ceiling lights, single pendant lamps and contemporary ceiling lights that also make a dramatic statement.

Ceiling lighting for sale

Ceiling lighting for sale:

Ceiling lighting also covers specific lighting for bathrooms which need to take into account the extra moisture, Flush mount Lighting and semi-flush Lighting and pendant lighting.

When looking at choosing ceiling lighting there are several factors to consider to help you select the right lighting for you. Is the light to go into a kitchen where the lighting needs to be functional and bright – such as pendants over the kitchen work space. You do not want to be cutting an preparing food in the semi-dark!

Or perhaps you simply wish to make a bold statement with a chandelier. Do you wish to match existing ceiling lights or lighting in your home? Perhaps the room you are looking to put the lighting has a low ceiling or is in an attic space where room is restricted? If this is the case then you should consider flush or semi-flush ceiling lights as these types of lights do not hang down, but light from ceiling level.

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If there is a simple statement that helps you choose the correct ceiling lighting it is consider design, as well as function.

Whether you need help or advice with ceiling lights, or other forms of lighting we are here to help. Browse our growing selection of Ceiling lighting online or pop into our Lichfield showroom. Call us on 01543 897 195 for free advice or email us out of office hours.

Help and advice choosing the correct ceiling lighting:

1. Size of the room
First you need to consider the size of the room. For example corridors or very narrow rooms are more effectively lit by spotlights or flush/semi flush lighting. Does the size of the room indicate that you may need more than one light? Does the height of the room mean you can have a ceiling light with a large drop such as a pendant light or chandelier?

2. Lighting for wet rooms / bathrooms
When selecting ceiling lighting for the Bathroom you need to consider IP rating as well as size and style. If you are not familiar with IP ratings read our blog on selecting bathroom lighting.

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3. Is LED for you?
LED are low energy fittings which are well worth consideration for both their long life and long-term cost efficiency. Most of our ceiling lights can accommodate LED lamps. If you are unsure Call us on 01543 897 195 for free advice or email us out of office hours.

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